Virtual transfer services

Virtual transfer services

The Pierce College Career and Transfer Center (CTC) is offering a new Zoom lounge, making it easier for students to inquire about transfers and be in touch with mentors and counsellors.

Students can access the lounge by registering online from the Transfer Center website. Other services include upcoming virtual UC workshops, a live chat and resume assistance.

Transfer Center Director Sunday Salter said in a Zoom interview that students can ask quick questions about their transfer applications in the lounge. Students would then be redirected to a breakout room for private assistance.

“We troubleshoot and figure out what’s going on with their application,” Salter said. “Then we go back into the main Zoom lounge where multiple students can just hang out, working on their applications. When they have a question, they then can virtually raise their hand.”

CTC mentor Victoria Vasquez said students were responding well to the lounge.

“They really like having that face to face interaction, which we miss as well,” Vasquez said. “We’re doing our best to make sure we can be available in all aspects, whether that is the Zoom lounge, live chat or email.”

The center also offers virtual workshops, including guidance on UC and CSU transfer applications. CTC mentor Susie Ayala said in a Zoom interview that colleges like University of California Los Angeles and California State University Northridge work closely with Pierce’s transfer center and frequently offer informational sessions. 

“We hold around two to three sessions a week now just to make sure that every student is able to participate or at least have more time to ask a question,” Ayala said. “We want to make sure they get their answer or the help that they need.”