Keeping the spirit of the season alive, online

Keeping the spirit of the season alive, online

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for a lot of people and the holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. 

However, the Los Angeles Times reports that there is an alarming pattern of rising COVID-19 cases. 

A new record breaks almost every day and Gov. Gavin Newsom said Southern California is projecting to reach intensive care unit capacity by late December if cases continue to grow. 

Los Angeles County reported Dec. 6 COVID-19 cases at more than 10,500, and while people in their 50s and older are at higher risk, the disease impacts people of all ages. 

This holiday season, instead of traveling and meeting with people outside of their households, people should consider alternative ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep families, friends and communities safe and healthy. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention create guidelines that people can follow to modify their holiday plans.

One tip is to avoid activities that are at higher risk and find alternatives. 

For example, people can limit small gatherings to one household.

Another guideline is that people can still celebrate with their loved ones virtually. There are fun, unique ways, including secret Santa, Christmas costume contests and sharing a Christmas family tradition, as well as holding holiday themed virtual parties that can be a blast for everyone. 

In the spirit of kindness and warmth that the holidays bring, everyone should be mindful of the choices they make and the impact they could have on others around them.