A single mom’s tough year

The Brahma Pantry should be Pierce College’s main focus during the pandemic.

Being a student and a working, single mother of two children makes keeping everyone on schedule hard.

My 15-minute breaks consist of rushing to find something easy and quick to make for the kids.

My lunch break and class happen at the same time. Dinner becomes tricky because my last break is my only time left to cook, and I finish work at 8 p.m. The stress of it all takes a toll on my health.

I realize quickly that not having access to meals, or healthy meals at that, can affect my focus and performance. Snacks and chips are usually my go-to, but by the end of the day I feel less energized and more sluggish.

After a long day, I still need energy to keep up with kids. My son has energy for days, and my daughter and I usually take shifts with him since we are both in school and at work at the same time.

On Feb. 25, the Pantry held their second drive-through food distribution event on campus. The program sheds light on the food and housing support needed for students, especially during these chaotic times.

The pandemic has caused a new wave of issues for students either trying to balance school, work, family or all of the above. Every student is trying to keep afloat, and this program is an essential part of Pierce College.

There are dozens of students out there that could use the help. The Brahma Pantry is worth looking up.

I learned about the Pantry through my student email and quickly registered online. I was happy to find out the school had a program that supported students in different situations. The program offers food, housing and financial assistance as well as other basic needs.

Once I registered, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire informing the program of areas I needed assistance with. A few days later, I received an approval email with instructions for the pantry pick-up. 

Brahma Pantry organizer, D’arcy Corwin, is always willing to answer questions. She’s welcoming, and understands that everyone has different situations. 

It took me less than five minutes to pick up the meals. My name was on a list at the entrance where I provided my ID. I pulled up to the semi circle, three bags were placed in the trunk and I was on my way.

These meals have been incredibly helpful. I’m not rushing or stressing about how much time I have left to feed my kids. The meals are healthy and low calorie, so you feel good about what you’re eating. But it’s a bonus that the meals taste good too.

My favorite by far was the creole chicken salad and my kids loved the breakfast burritos. A lot of planning and effort was put into this event, and I have the utmost appreciation. These meals are a lifesaver. 

I will participate in the next event. It was well worth it.