Pro: Let sports fans into the stands

Pro: Let sports fans into the stands

With the reopening of stadiums in California allowing fans to watch games in person, residents’ lives are finally starting to go back to normal.

 On April 1, Gov. Gavin Newsom approved outdoor sports to allow fans. This is the first time in more than a year that Angelenos will be allowed to cheer their home teams in the stands. 

 COVID-19 restrictions will protect fans and stadium workers. At Dodger Stadium, only 20 percent of seats are allowed to be filled, which means that a little more than 11,000 fans will be in the stands out of a 56,000 capacity. 

 Safety is paramount, and the Dodgers continue to work with local officials and the Major League Baseball Association to finalize protocols to protect players, fans and staff, according to Los Angeles Daily News.

 Along with a 20 percent capacity, fans are required to wear a mask and be socially distanced while thorough sanitization procedures will be performed by staff.

This is a huge win for residents because it’s the first thing other than outdoor dining that is safe for families to do together since everything shut down last year.

 NBC Los Angeles stated that even Mayor Eric Garcetti is excited for fans to be gracing the stands.

 If things go well and California moves to Tier 3, officials will allow outdoor venues to admit up to 67 percent capacity. At Dodger Stadium, that means about 37,000 fans in the stands according to the LA Times.

With safety precautions in place, allowing fans to attend outdoor sporting events would be beneficial for many people.