UCLA Day leads the way to becoming a Bruin

UCLA Day leads the way to becoming a Bruin

UCLA receives more applications each year than any other school in America, but what many people don’t realize is there are methods to help better your chances to get into the school.

Pierce College held a virtual UCLA Day to reveal ways for students to reach their dream of becoming a Bruin.

The event connected admission representatives from UCLA and Pierce transfer students to help guide students in the right direction when it comes to applying and choosing UCLA.

 Trisha Del Barro, an admissions representative at UCLA and a speaker at the webinar, broke down the numbers that discourage a lot of students from applying.

“In fall of 2020, we had over 25,000 applicants, but 18,000 of those applicants applied to the same 13 highly selective majors,” Del Barro said. “We offer over 125 majors and 90 minors at UCLA, so do not allow these numbers that you are seeing discourage you from applying. You can do it.”

 UCLA is highly competitive. The university only accepts 27% of all California transfer students.

“At UCLA, we use the holistic review process when going through applications, which means everything on your application is taken into consideration,” Del Barro said. “We want to see all the things you do and have accomplished, whether it is academic, personal, anything. We want you to showcase different aspects of your personality and your unique story. That is how you will stand out.”

Transfer Center Director Sunday Salter, who hosted the event, said that she is confident in the school’s process. 

“I really believe that we have the formula down to get transfer students from Pierce accepted into UCLA,” Salter said. “The formula is that students need to start planning early and really prepare for the transfer application process, and that’s why we have the UCLA day webinar.”

Currently, Pierce  students in the Honors program have an 87% acceptance rate into UCLA and non-honors transfer students have a 42% acceptance rate.

“The Pierce College Transfer Center has a lot of the answers to the questions students are asking in this webinar,” Salter said. “But it is more helpful for the university admissions representatives to answer those students’ questions. That way, if there are any follow up questions, they now have a contact at UCLA.”

Ernesto Esqueda, another admissions representative at UCLA and a speaker at the webinar, told potential UCLA transfer students that they don’t need to transfer in two years.

“This is your personal journey, and you need to focus on that,” Esqueda said. “Rushing through will only increase the chance of missing something or not doing your best in a class you could’ve.”

Sunday Salter said she agreed with Esqueda when it came to going at the pace that is best for each student.

 “There is a common theme of regret that some transfer students have,” Salter said. “They wish they would have been more involved, found out more about what’s going on around them and taken advantage of what was available to them at community college.”