Proctorio, Stay Right Where You Are

Proctorio, Stay Right Where You Are

Being on camera may make some people nervous, but in the test setting, others argue it may be necessary.

With the COVID-19 restrictions forcing classes to go online, schools should keep Proctorio to prevent students from cheating on exams. 

When students come to class in person, they apply a series of principles like not speaking without permission or not cheating during exams. 

Because in-person teaching has ceased, we have to adapt these practices to the online environment. Proctorio pushes students to learn the material and prepare themselves for exams.

According to Oregon State University, Proctorio analyzes anything unusual and uses the data to figure out whether or not there’s been fraud. Any unnatural movement will cause the computer to automatically notify the professor of the course. 

Since Proctorio uses motion detection technology, this could raise concerns regarding students with disabilities. But with the program professors are able to adjust the settings to accommodate.

Another concern that some users have revolves around the issue of privacy.

However, Texas Tech University said that according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act​ (FERPA), using webcams does not invade the privacy of students.

During the exam, it is not possible to access any of the files on your computer and only monitors your movements. When the exam is over, the student’s computer is completely disconnected from Proctorio.

This program should be a necessity now that the classes have transitioned to a virtual environment. With this research, it can be said with certainty Proctorio won’t create problems for the students, but will help them learn instead.