Opening the farm

For many Pierce College students, the campus farm is just another entrance and exit onto campus. However, that can change if the school makes their farm section of the campus open to the public. 

This would present the school with not only another source of income but also with a new way to keep students engaged with the campus. 

Keeping the animals in mind, the school should consider opening up the farm to the public so that people could see them. Moorpark College has a zoo that is open to the public on weekends and tickets range from $8 – $10. They can be purchased online here. 

The school doesn’t need to make it a petting zoo, as there would likely be an audience that would be satisfied with just seeing the animals, but that’s an option they could consider.

If the public had access to the farm, they might want to stay on campus and learn more about the farm, too. 

Most students leave campus as soon as their class schedule is over, but the farm can provide them with a reason to meet with friends outside of the classroom without having to leave campus. 

The Agriculture department could participate as well, perhaps with paid jobs or by earning extra credit. Having students that are actually from the department would also be a cheap and efficient way for the school to advertise the program. Students that participate in those programs can answer questions and share their experience.  

The school opening their farm is possible since there is precedent for it. In 2019, the school had a “Goat Yoga” program for students to participate in.