Pierce college should host on campus events

Pierce College has become like a ghost town since last March. New Pierce students are attending classes without experiencing the campus. 

Businesses have expanded curbside pick up since the pandemic began and closed their dining areas. Drive-in theaters also have been promoted more with new movie releases. 

Pierce should adjust the campus with new events to allow students to feel the campus spirit. 

In December, Six Flags Magic Mountain had the same ordeal. They were unable to open the park to the public and instead opened it for a drive-thru of Christmas lights. 

According to a blog post called the Westcoaster, the park was described as “a great combination of providing the most socially distanced presentation possible while maintaining the character and charm.”

If Six Flags Magic Mountain can do it, why can’t Pierce?

Graduations are usually a highlight to a student’s college experience. It was announced by Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez that graduation would be live streamed on social media in June. 

Pierce should be able to congratulate the students who managed their education over Zoom with a drive-thru celebration. 

According to a University Business article, it lists several universities that held a drive-thru graduation.

Texas Woman’s University held a ceremony at Texas Motor Speedway.

According to the story, students could drive with family and friends before getting their picture taken at the finish line. 

Balloons can be placed throughout the Mall with posters and music playing in the background. With proper social distancing, professors could wave as students drive through.

Students would enter at Winnetka Avenue and exit through Lot 7 toward Mason Avenue.

Another revived event could be the Topanga Vintage Market that used to set up shop in Lot 7.

Vendors could set up on the Mall walkway and promote their items through car door windows. 

A car parade would also be an interesting event. Vintage cars can drive slow on the Mall while spectators watch on nearby benches. 

These events would not only encourage students to come to campus, but it would allow the  community to get to know the campus as well. 

Pierce is in need of something exciting to happen on campus. A drive-thru event would permit this.