EOPS is here to help

EOPS is here to help

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a state funded program that assists low-income or educationally disadvantaged students in completing their educational goals by providing student services and financial aid.

According to the Pierce College website, qualifying EOP&S students have to be California residents or qualify for an AB 540 Exemption waiver, qualify for the California Promise Grant Method A or B and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream application.

Students also must have completed less than 70 degree- applicable units and be registered in twelve or more units at Pierce at the time of application. Students registered with Special Services must be registered in a minimum of six units, according to EOP&S peer advisor, Madison Clark. Wait lists are not recognized. 

Student Services Assistant Lizette Carbajal believes many students can benefit from this program, including ones who currently are not a part of EOP&S. 

“Unfortunately we do have many students that qualify for our program and don’t apply, because they don’t know we’re here,” Carbajal said. “Our goal is to definitely provide an over and above service to all students that are a part of our program and definitely capture as many students that qualify for our program so they can benefit from the services we provide.”

Joining the program guarantees participating students will receive several benefits, according to Clark.

“We are a state funded program that offers academic counseling and other benefits like priority registration, a semesterly book grant, and transfer support,” Clark wrote.

Counseling services include identifying the student’s career or academic objective and following their Student Educational Plan (SEP) with their EOP&S Counselor, according to its web page. Students meet with their counselor several times to discuss their educational goals and progress. 

Workshops, including ones on academic probation and transferring to UCs or CSUs, and free tutoring services in many subjects are also available to students in the program.

The program also has its own peer advisors to help students on their educational journey and guide them in obtaining the resources they need to succeed. EOP&S peer advisor Emily Chavez assists students in several ways. 

“My role consists of facilitating new student orientations, facilitating transfer workshops, and meeting with students during their 2nd contact appointment,” Chavez wrote. “I also schedule appointments and help students navigate the different resources available on campus.” 

EOP&S strives to provide quality services so students can accomplish their educational goals, despite any interfering disadvantages. 

“We simply provide these benefits so students can succeed,” Chavez wrote.

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