Pro: Social Media for College Students

Pro: Social Media for College Students

Social media has improved personal lives and made everyday tasks easier for the majority of people around the world. There’s many ways for social media to be used positively and reasons why college students should be encouraged to make social media accounts. 

Social media is a good tool to connect with friends, family and teachers and has become a helpful tool when doing school assignments.

Communication is key to making anything happen, besides common sense, and with social media accounts, it has become the easiest way to get a message across.

If you want to advertise a personal business of yours to help make extra money, creating a separate account strictly for business is a good way to start. Promoting school events or activities on a personal or separate account is the easiest way to get a large amount of people informed at once.

Instagram can be really helpful to look up tutors in your area if you’re struggling with a specific class. 

Schools are literally on every platform and it’s one of the best ways to figure out what’s going on in real time. 

You can even go through their followers and find graduates/current students that are majoring in the same area as you, which is also a good way to make friends or even form a study group.

Yasmeen Bannourah from Marymount University wrote, “The effects of social media and technology on college students”, an article where she interviewed students on campus and mentioned that social media “can better a student’s college experience through on-campus organization pages where events are shared.” 

Looking through your school’s social media account, there is always going to be information on deadlines for joining activities and groups, classes, clubs and organizations and any general information that a student would need to know.

You can use different networks for inspiration when you’re writing, drawing, painting or anything that you’re creating. That’s what’s great about applications like Pinterest because there is no limitation to what you can be inspired from.

There is a tool on Pinterest that was launched early 2021 which is similar to Instagram stories, except whatever you post doesn’t expire in 24 hours. Instead it stays up so others that come across the page can see it long after it was posted.

In the article, “How to Use Idea Pins on Pinterest” by Gargi Ghosal, they mention how you can edit your pin even after you’ve posted it in case you need to change something or update it which means it’s always live.

Social media can help students improve their social skills by letting them practice how to read, communicate with others and practice their speech.

It can improve reading skills because when we’re online we’re constantly reading things. Whether it’s a big passage or something as small as a caption under a picture, regardless it’s still reading. 

We put our communication skills to work when we talk to others online, video chat with our friends or teachers, do interviews online for a school assignment or for whatever reason.

Despite the reason, social media should be commonly used among some students because it can help them gain advantages whether they know it or not.

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