Pierce College Media Arts Awards

Pierce College Media Arts Awards

Photo illustration by Trisha Anas.

California College Media Awards 2022

Third place best magazine photo series: Raquel Frohlich

Third place best magazine photo: Bala Subramaniyan

Best magazine inside page and spread design: Katya Castillo

Third place best magazine story: Michael Loizzo

Third place best podcast: Fabiola Carrizosa

Second place best editorial cartoon: Dominique Duñgo

Third place best breaking news story: Felipe Gamino

Second place best newspaper: Trisha Anas, Shehreen Karim

First place best non-news video: Gininia Pulcinella

First place best news photograph: David Pashaee

First place best photo series: Ben Hanson, Aubrie Andrade

First Place Best overall newspaper design: Trisha Anas, Shehreen Karim

First place best magazine cover design: Katya Castillo

General excellence magazine: The Bull staff

General excellence print edition: The Roundup staff

General excellence online edition: The Roundup staff

Honorable mention online photo Story, essay: Brandon Sinclair

Third place webcast/broadcast news: Fabiola Carrizosa

Third place magazine photo: Bala Subramaniyan

Third place magazine design/layout: The Bull staff

Fourth place magazine photo: Katya Castillo

Fourth place magazine photo story- essay: Raquel Frohlich

Honorable mention magazine illustration: Dalaanii Cochrane

News Photo Honorable mention: David Pashaee

Honorable mention video journalism: Bala Subramaniyan

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