Pro: One test to rule them all

Pro: One test to rule them all

Photo illustration by Cecilia Parada.

A final exam is a way to test a student’s knowledge of the subject. It’s not only beneficial to students, but to professors as well.

Based on the overall grades that students get, can help professors see if they might need to come up with a different teaching strategy or stick to what seems to be helping students grasp the material. Students can benefit from a final exam because it can show them that their studying methods are useful.

According to final exams motivate students to prepare by improving their study skills. It teaches self-discipline and self-organization which are needed to be successful throughout life. 

Final exams can be given in many different forms such as true or false multiple choice exams or projects. There is always the main goal that a class is aiming to reach which is to successfully demonstrate or explain the material. This can only be done through a final exam. 

If final exams did not exist, there would be a lot of nurses, doctors, and even lawyers that would be aiming to help others without being officially qualified for the position. 

According to, although final exams can be stressful, it helps students prepare for higher education. Considering final exams tend to count for a large amount of their grade, students have a chance to raise their current grades if they are not satisfied with them. 

Final exams help to build time management skills by making students dedicate specific time to studying. It also helps build teamwork skills by teaching students to help each other study and possibly learn something new from one another. 

According to final exams help students build their own coping strategies and grow to be able to handle working under stressful circumstances. 

During the pandemic, many felt unmotivated which is why final exams will teach students to get back into their school routine which includes studying for exams. 

It is also a pro for professors because they can reflect on their teaching strategies after receiving the grades from students. Good test scores could boost a professor’s qualifications to further spread knowledge to future students. Those test scores could be proof that students should take their class. Especially if former students share their opinion on Rate My Professor, others could feel motivated to take the class knowing that other students did well on the final exam. 

Final exams teach useful lifelong skills that students can use after they graduate and move on to real-life tests.

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