Optimism in the air

Optimism in the air

The vice president of Student Services discussed his department’s “retreat/get together” that was hosted on May 25 to discuss plans to increase enrollment numbers.

Jason Cifra said on May 26 during a Pierce College Council meeting that his department’s work will consist of “prioritizing enrollment by incentivizing student registration, increasing financial aid, and also creating a virtual center to expand access points for service,” as well as hosting events to “create momentum for enrollment.”

According to Cifra, events such as the recent Brahma Fest have been successful at attracting new students.

“It was fun to see everybody work together, but it was also fun to see students enjoy our campus,” Cifra said.

The Student Services Department will also host a series of #PierceSuccess events, which will take place during the weeks of June 27, July 18 and Aug. 1, as well as an asynchronous session on Aug. 8 and a welcome week that will be held Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

“This is really our last ditch, wholesale effort to get students applied and registered with financial aid,” Cifra said.

The Guided Pathways Department is finishing some Pierce promotional activities, working with Career and Technical Education to create a “Why Pierce?” video, according to coordinator Angela Belden.

Belden said that her department is planning a Summer Summit for success teams—or Career and Academic Pathway communities, as Belden and the department would like to rename them.

Belden is optimistic about how it’s coming together. 

“We’re all moving in the same direction on this stuff, so it’s great to have some of that synergy going together,” she said.

These types of events can reach their full ambition due to loosened restrictions and increased COVID safety.

Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator Paul Nieman said that the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees have made changes to their policies regarding the coronavirus.

“The first major [change], effective on May 5, states that students are no longer required to prove vaccinations or put in foreign exemptions in order to enroll in classes or be in any of our buildings,” Nieman said. “Masking will be officially rescinded on campus on June 12. You will not have to wear a mask when you are in any building or room, but it is strongly recommended that you do.”

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