De-stress with the dogs

De-stress with the dogs

Pierce College could bring more students to campus and decrease stress levels with a dog park. 

It could help increase student engagement and help them unwind with furry pets after class. The dog park also could gain the interest of prospective students as nearby residents bring their four-legged animals.

At Lyons College in Batesville, Ark., there is a dog park where students are allowed to bring their pets to school. The park opened around the time of finals, and many Lyon students reported lower stress levels having the ability to bring their animals with them. 

Pierce could set up a park in The Pit during regularly scheduled classes. Students could take their pets, as long as the animals have received the proper vaccinations, to the field before or after their class to de-stress. 

This could give students the opportunity to socialize and meet fellow dog lovers. Students could even multi-task at the park, spending quality time with their pets while also studying solo or with classmates.

Students without dogs could also visit the park to socialize. 

The park could be run by Pierce’s Veterinary club, or students who are passionate about dogs could volunteer. They would simply set up fences, drinking and cleaning stations for visiting dogs and their owners, and they could take them down at the end of the day.

The dog park could run from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., allowing various students to get a little time outside and throw a ball to their dog while studying.

This dog park could increase student’s excitement coming to campus.

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