BRIEF: National team at Dodger Stadium

BRIEF: National team at Dodger Stadium

On a special occasion, players and coaches on the Philippines national team had the privilege to be at Dodger Stadium for Filipino Heritage Night.

Head baseball coach Bill Picketts said it was an honor to be present.

“It has been a culmination of what we have been working on the past two years,” Picketts said. “We put this whole thing together and I reached out to Baseballogist [LA Gamo] to see if we can pull this off and get the players on the field. Thankfully it worked and the young men are excited.”

Picketts said he is focused on building the program from the youth levels. The collegiate team are currently 4-1 in their exhibition games across SoCal.

“I want to have success at the intermediate level and the World Baseball Classic. I want players to go up through our program and go to four-year colleges and play professionally. If we can do that, this whole thing is a success,” Picketts said. 

The Dodgers won 5-3 over the Cubs.

Author: Felipe Gamino

Quotes gathered by: Blake Williams