More food options at sporting events

More food options at sporting events

It’s a hot afternoon on the Pierce College campus as the soccer team prepares for another season kickoff. The players are focused, the referees are in position, and the fans are chanting, “Let’s go, Brahmas!” In that respect, a sports game on campus is nearly identical to a major game at the Arena or Dodger Stadium. 

However, there are some differences. The crowd is a bit smaller. The players are a bit younger. The refs are a bit more inexperienced. None of these factors take away from the thrill of the game, but there is one thing missing. Where are the Dodger Dogs? Where are the pretzels, nachos drowning in cheese, popcorn and chicken tenders?

Allowing local food vendors to set up shop at Pierce  sports games would be a good solution to remediate the absence of these mouth-watering concessions. 

The idea of allowing local vendors to serve food at college sports events isn’t novel. 

According to FOX 5 San Diego, San Diego University’s newest stadium will feature nine food stands with many local favorites being represented. 

The  Pierce Athletics Department should follow suit. A variety of authentic options catered by local small business owners would be a significant step forward. 

An independent study by Untold surveying people who used to attend live events before the pandemic found that  85% are nostalgic for stadium food. 

Also, according to the WebMD website, comfort food and complex carbs help boost serotonin levels, a chemical that helps manage stress. Tasty snack options can pacify an agitated crowd and give the soccer dads a reason to attend every game. 

The financial benefits are clear, because the money would go directly to supporting local food businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic.

This would also align with recent developments in the Los Angeles City Council, which called for changes to the state legislature to be more inclusive of street vendors, as reported by the Los Angeles Daily News. 

Allowing local food vendors to sell during sports games would be a step in the right direction. This decision also wouldn’t threaten the profits of the Pierce cafeteria either, as most sports games occur in remote parts of the campus or during times when the cafeteria is closed.

By allowing food trucks and local vendors to sell during sports games, Pierce would support its athletes, their fans and families and local businesses all at once.