Students need to have fun

Students need to have fun

A healthy mind is important for the human experience, but there are parts of the brain besides the logical and intellectual that need to be stimulated. But without keeping the thinking tool inside of the head pleased, what’s the point of possessing such muscle? In other words, people need to be able to have FUN.

Because the mind craves different types of exercise, Pierce College’s administration and/or the student body should set aside some time and resources to host ongoing game nights. 

Taking a much needed break to entertain the muscle that resides within the skull is just as important for mental health as physical exercise is.

Bi-monthly, the community can come together and play games of all sorts, such as video games and board games, which will help students at Pierce expand their ways of thinking and social life. 

Teachers, students and staff of Pierce can volunteer to help set up these recurring events. Games to play and equipment to use, such as lights and tents, can be donated by whoever has them. Having a prize for the winners of some of the games such as Twister or Clue will attract more participants. 

What is something else that always encourages people to attend an event? FOOD! Many people only attend events because there will be free food. Complimentary snacks and beverages can be provided for everyone there. People who are vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, etc. can all have options. A good fruit platter can go a long way. 

A wide open space to host such an event is necessary. The Shepard Stadium would be a perfect place for game nights. If the weather decides to be a sore loser and starts to cry, the event can be relocated to the Associated Student Organization (ASO) office area, building 600 or even an indoor gym. 

Game nights can be advertised on social media, the Pierce website, on fliers all over campus or by word of mouth and announcements in Canvas. Perhaps there could be a pre-game game that will award the winner a prize for themself and a friend who they bring along to the gathering. 

By providing consistent game nights for students and staff to kick back and relax, Pierce can become a closer-knit community that is less stressed, and has more brain power to express.