New prez in the house

ASO President Gayane Zazyan sits at the Botanical Garden at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Sept.13, 2023.

It’s 8 a.m and already a busy day at the Student Center. Some students are running late to their classes, and others are trying to find the right room. 

But someone is there to assist.

Gayane Zazyan, the president of the Associated Student Organization, shines with knowledge and with a friendly smile. She starts her day by greeting everyone that passes next to her. 

From a young age, Zazyan participated in gymnastics, dancing and singing. She said she wants to help others by being the voice of those who feel lonely, distressed and have no support. 

“My favorite song is called ‘My Home,’” Zazyan said. “Which reminds me of how Armenians didn’t have the resources and had to move to make sure we get better education and job opportunities.”

By seeing a smile on the students face and by making a small change in their day it makes her feel fulfilled.  

Zazyan spends most of her time on campus working in the Dual Enrollment and Promise Program at Pierce. She helps students understand and reach academic goals. 

Pierce student Ares Alarcon said that she seems to be everywhere at once.

“She is at every event I’ve been to and helped me start the club that I have,” Alarcon said. “She is a great person and I’m very thankful for her.’’

When Zayzan moved to the United States, she often felt alone, so she started volunteering during middle school at the library and later on in a mental hospital, which made her aware that younger people can get into dark places when they have no outside help. She makes sure to create deep connections with students to create community. 

“I’m here as a friend and I always have open arms,’’ Zazyan said. 

She was still in high school when she became a senator for the ASO.  

“It was kind of a messy interview, but I got in, which gave me the opportunity to learn how things and student life is on Pierce campus,’’ she said.

She was also the president of the Armenian club and became the vice president later in the semester. 

During her journey, she discovered that justice and understanding people on a deeper level has led her to choose possible careers in law and psychology.

“I really appreciate that she takes the time to understand not only the role of her job but the fact that she has incredible energy, she is very intentional and has amazing ideas for the upcoming year,’’ Dean of Student Engagement Juan Carlos Astorga said.