Streetbeat: Should students be allowed to bring emotional support animals to campus?

Photo by Emil Rizkalla.


“As long as it’s a legitimate emotional support animal and not ‘This is my dog. I love him and want to bring him to class.’”

Shabbir Fatehi – Computer Science major




Photo by Emil Rizkalla. 



“I feel it will help them because animals are very comforting. I feel like it should be a smaller dog.”

Chloue Labucay – Psychology major




Photo by Emil Rizkalla. 



“They should be allowed because it offers a sense of security while on campus and some students don’t know what others are going through. Having an emotional support animal will be pretty good because it can help relieve them.”

Alfredo Fuentes – Film major



Photo by Emil Rizkalla.



“Yes, I believe so. We all have ways of going about each day; some might struggle more and we need that comfort somehow.”

Isabella Peralta – Economics major




Photo by Emil Rizkalla.



“Yes, I would like a little pet to feel comfortable while studying.”

Joseph Redondo – Social Work major

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