Apocalypse Yesterday event ended with Hunger Games

Apocalypse Yesterday event ended with Hunger Games

The Film Club at Pierce College screened “The Hunger Games” on Wednesday and welcomed students to enjoy a movie and Q&A discussion at the end.

The event theme was “Apocalypse Yesterday,” which everyone in the club decided on earlier in the semester.

“The Hunger Games” is a 2012 drama film centered around a dystopian world where a man and a woman are chosen as tributes to sacrifice their lives by playing a ruthless game.

Film professor Ken Windrum attended the event and shared that he hoped that the film screenings would help students socialize with one another who are interested in cinema.

“I also think that these events are fun and students enjoy them. I believe that students need these opportunities where they can socialize and interact and discuss,” said Windrum, who is also the advisor for the Film Club. “I think that the Film Club is doing a great job. They put stuff up on Instagram and social media, and we also put it up in the department.”

Film Club president Alexis Porter told people about what the film was covering and also talked with other club members about what they liked about the film.

Porter attended the event to represent herself as the club’s president and her love for cinema.

“I think people will be able to have an educational conversation and to understand different perspectives of what is shown and the messages portrayed within the film,” Porter said.

Film Club panel speaker Skylar Neuschotz said she thought the movie did an excellent job showing a dramatized futuristic world politically.

“I like its depiction of the world exaggeratedly. It gives more context to how life is today in general,” Neuschotz said. “I believe this movie fits the theme almost perfectly. I can’t think of too many movies that depict dystopia as well as this one does.”

The main message of the movie is how the world in which the characters live almost feels too close to home in what is going on in the world today.

The screening concluded with a panel discussion about what people thought of the film and diving deeper into its external meaning.

Political Science professor Denise Munro Robb was a speaker at the Q&A discussion.

Robb said this movie translates into how the world we live in is continuing to deal with problems, and younger generations are the ones who will grow up with this.

“The most significant issue I’ve worked on is climate, and I thought maybe young people are feeling like this,” Robb said.

“Like my 12-year-old son, he’s already had 25 shooter drills at school. These are just things we often don’t think about. This is just the world they grow up in.”

The Film Club’s screening of “The Hunger Games” was both informative and entertaining and gave the audience a chance to voice their opinions on the film itself.

This was the last movie screening of the semester.

The film club meets every Tuesday in ELM 1728 at 2:30 p.m.

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