Are stores pushing holiday season too soon? Yes, they are: There is no need to rush the holidays

Are stores pushing holiday season too soon? Yes, they are: There is no need to rush the holidays

Seeing holiday decorations and ads plastered in stores and around buildings reminds people about the joys of the winter season. People have plenty of time to prepare their houses with winter decor, but it’s too egregious to have them on display just as the summer season gives way to autumn.

It isn’t a crime to set up holiday decorations early, but setting them up in September leaves little to no room to set up decorations for national holidays that come earlier, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Seeing a Christmas tree planted before seeing a jack-o’-lantern or a Thanksgiving cornucopia is quite unusual, as if that home is stating that they don’t have any interest in celebrating the other holidays that come before the month of December.

Christopher Walker of the Wichita Falls Times Record News released an article from two years ago that weighs the pros and cons of preparing holiday decorations earlier than usual. While setting up holiday decorations can bring people increased levels of dopamine, per the American Christmas Tree Association, Walker adds that people shouldn’t set up their decorations until after Thanksgiving.

One thing that is special and unique about the holiday season is that it is only a brief period of time that comes just once per year. Having holiday decorations already set up months before winter approaches essentially ruins the novelty of the holiday season, making it appear that this time of the year lasts longer than just one month, let alone spanning across two different seasons.

Romano Santos of Vice News shares the same sentiment about celebrating the holiday season for longer than necessary.

“I guess my problem with celebrating Christmas so early comes down to the garish in-your-face-ness of doing it. It’s almost like we’re telling each other we’re so unhappy with our regular lives that we’ll jump at the first opportunity to put up a holly and jolly facade.”

The holiday season is a sacred time for most Americans and people around the world, yet extending the holiday season, mainly setting up holiday decorations just a few weeks after Labor Day, completely erases its unique aesthetic and implies that there isn’t anything too special about the most wonderful time of the year.

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