How to reconnect when the world has shifted its focus

How to reconnect when the world has shifted its focus

So much time is spent with one’s eyes focused on a screen that it can create tunnel vision, blurring the mind to the surroundings. In a time where so many people are virtually connected yet feel the most alone, there are advantages to in-person learning.  

The ability to be surrounded by others trying to reach the same goal, passing the class or seeing other confused faces on a certain topic that might have been difficult is where we can see how being physically present can make learning better. 

One of the many advantages of taking classes in a physical classroom is that students are in a distraction-free environment and can receive a hands-on approach to learning.  

According to a 2023 study in the National Library of Medicine, students reported higher levels of engagement in an in-person, distraction-free environment.  

In a distraction-free classroom, students aren’t tempted to open a different tab while listening to an online lecture or have their pets start randomly barking at the neighbor passing by. 

Being in a physical classroom can allow students to learn the way that’s best for them since most people are visual or hands-on learners. Many fields of study require learning-by-doing that can’t be done if it is being instructed through a computer. 

With so much physical disconnect that happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to be back in a physical setting can be a blessing in disguise. It helps people connect in a way that allows for better engagement where one does not simply have to rely on getting a text-back  discussion response.  

According to, being physically present instead of behind a computer allows the opportunities to create and build relationships with others that would be difficult behind a screen. There is also the increased participation among professors and students since they can notice when the classroom might not be understanding what they are teaching. 

Another significant advantage of in-person classes is that tests can be administered without having to worry if students might be cheating. It cuts out that possibility, especially with the types of websites that would allow an online course to be passed so easily. Some students might find the perks of these online platforms to be beneficial, but it is in their best interest to not cut corners.

Simply being able to shift focus to the subject at hand and see what it is that they might be lacking in will allow students to ask questions and get an immediate answer. No need to wait and hope for a timely response.

Practical knowledge gained from hands-on learning cannot be replaced by online learning methods,” said Princy A.J., on

Nothing can replicate the feeling of doing things yourself versus seeing it done through a screen. Finding a community of peers going through the same journey leads to an overall better school experience.

Physical classes allow for better relationships, participation, learning outcomes and distraction-free environments. They give people back a sense of normalcy.  

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