Streetbeat: What would you like to learn more about during Black History Month?

Photo by Veronica Rosas. 


“I think learning about Black history as a whole, I think I want to learn that more. In schools, you’re often not taught—talking in the sense of America—we’re not really shown the Black American peoples’ struggle throughout history, so understanding what life was like—so looking at primary source documents. I know one really good book called ‘Warriors Don’t Cry,’ which shows from a first-person account what life was like living in the time of slavery in America.”  

Amaar Siddiqul – Biochemistry major




Photo by Veronica Rosas. 



“How can we make it where kids don’t feel like they’re oppressed anymore, maybe. I feel like for societal norms nowadays, that people of color, they feel like in a way that they have to fit themselves somewhere because of their skin tone or where they’re from. So I think that everybody should be looked at as equal and as human. It’s not something I want to learn about, it’s more something that I think our society should practice.” 

Ben Martinez – Agricultural Science major




Photo by Veronica Rosas.



“I want to be able to hear people be more vocal about it and just express more about Black history, about things that Black people in our community have done for other people that people just don’t really shine a light on. A lot of unheard voices that need to be spoken out a little bit more as well, too.”  

Amali Morgan – Film major




Photo by Veronica Rosas.



“Something I’m interested in learning more about are what current efforts look like right now, what the legislation looks like and what things have changed throughout the years and probably how it’s affected different areas and things like that since laws tend to be different in different states. I’m interested in learning more about how things have progressed and what hasn’t changed when it comes to racial inequality and things like that. How have things progressed? What does it look like right now?”   

Tanveer Sandal  -Psychology major

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