Black History Month Luncheon

Black History Month Luncheon

Photography prints, art and copies of the book “What Happened to You?” were on display in Building 600 at a Black History Luncheon presented by BFSA, Umoja, and ONE Book, ONE Campus.  

Outreach Librarian Lisa Valdez—who was honored at the event—teaches Umoja classes, research courses, co-advises AGS (Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Sigma Honor Society) and runs the ONE Book, ONE Campus program.

“This year we’re doing a book called, “What Happened to You?” but our theme this year is ‘healing invisible wounds to heal our campus,’” Valdez said. “So this is what we’re doing this year just because in the post-COVID era, people are just going through a lot—you notice in the way people drive, you notice in the way that people communicate. So it’s just that we want to address those things so we can figure out a way to get back to normal—I guess as close to it as possible—but also healing their hearts.”

Emil Rizkalla contributed to this story. 


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