Streetbeat: What movies do you like to watch and why?

Photo by Icy Smith.



“I love action and romance because that’s what I was surrounded by growing up and stuff. With my grandma being Filipina and everything, it’s always like the cheesy duos and stuff. So growing up I was exposed to that, and my dad liking action movies really influenced my liking.”

Jenica Felicitas – Film major




Photo by Icy Smith.



“I’m not much of a movie-goer, but what I love to watch are movies that are based on real-life stories, so I love to watch success stories that are based on the real thing.”

Andrew Garcia – Japanese major




Photo by Icy Smith.


“I like cartoons and animated movies, and that’s because I’m an artist and I geek out whenever I see beautiful artwork in motion.”

Joy Littlejohn Bainton – Vet tech major




Photo by Icy Smith.



“I think I like sci-fi’s and fantasies because I like being transported into a world where it’s completely different to ours or just alternate from what ours is, and it’s really enjoyable for me.”

Kayla Sondhi – Film major




Photo by Icy Smith.




“I like mostly animated films, but I like the first “Wreck It Ralph,” “WALL-E” from Pixar, and let’s just throw in “Tangled” there, too.”

Evelyn Zendejas – Art major

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