Streetbeat: Do you think Artificial Intelligence is beneficial or detrimental to society?

Photo by Karla Delgado.



“I feel mixed about it. I feel that there are some benefits to it but it also has a lot of negative effects on the way society works. It has the potential to make things easier but also can destroy things.”

Martin Reyes – Forensic science major





Photo by Karla Delgado.




“I think it is detrimental because it could hurt the artists and the actors. There’s a lot of things you can do with it that you normally can’t do like building sets and imitating people.”

Bill Rockwood – Parent of a student




Photo by Karla Delgado.



“I think we all benefit from our phones, computers and cameras and that includes artificial intelligence. I think people are cautious because of movies and stuff with our government, but overall, it has benefited us.”

Nataly Mendez – Commercial music major





Photo by Karla Delgado.



“I feel like it depends on the place or occupation. For example, in the film industry it could be detrimental especially for the writers, but in other areas it could help. It could also become the cause of jobs being lost everywhere.”

Kayla Sondhi – Film major





Photo by Karla Delgado.



“I believe it’s a good thing and a bad thing. I think people are going to take advantage of it and they’re going to start making everything digital and computer-based and that’s not good because it will make humans not feel real. It might be good if it helps in certain things.”

Engelbert Peraza – Theater design major

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