New solar panels reduce Pierce’s footprint

The newly erected solar panel system at Pierce College is expected to be up and running by the end of the month, according to Paul Nieman director of facilities.

“Everything is in place from our end,” said Nieman. “Now we’re just waiting for them.”

Pierce had to install a Vista switch requiring two school wide power shut downs. Chevron installed the system and the Department of Water and Power approved the work.

The new panels are located over the faculty parking in Lot 1 and Lot 8. Replacement panels were put up in lot 6.

The panels will collect sunlight and transform it to energy to use on campus and will provide valuable shade for parked cars, which actually reduces the loss of fuel due to heat evaporation, according to Nieman. Solar power is becoming popular throughout the world as an alternative source of renewable energy. Project Solar UK is one of many companies that offer solar panel installation in doncaster as well as other places throughout the UK.

The Department of Water and Power is due to approve the newly finished solar panel construction between Sept. 23 and 27.

If approved, they will then connect the school to the power grid, allowing the school to start saving on electricity bills.

Once they are running they will be able to produce a maximum of 2 megawatt’s of power per hour.

The project will be complete when the panels go online since there are no plans to install more panels in the future.

Installing more panels would require more equipment and storage facilities for the excess power which would interfere with the agricultural practices on campus, according to Nieman.

The solar panels will reduce the school’s costs for power on campus, but it wont’ be known to what extent until the panels are actually collecting energy.

The school will continue taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint with the renovations including LED lighting and light sensitive dimming systems that will greatly increase energy saving.