Cheer squad works to represent the school

Pierce College’s cheerleaders are not only dedicated students, but they are also a bonded group devoted to encouraging the Brahma sport teams and representing the school in the best way they can.

“We’re really close,” said squad member Sandra Lujan. “We all share the same love of performing and being spirited.”

The squad is made up of 24 cheerleaders, six men and 18 women who practice twice a week at The Pit, Pierce’s soccer field. They practice stunts where they throw their fellow cheerleaders into the air and they also rehearse sideline cheers in order to prepare for the football games.

Cheering is a creative escape, according to cheer coach Jenny Johnson.

“It’s amazing to know that they can represent the school in a positive way and feel good about it,” said Johnson.

The squad also cheers for the school’s basketball and volleyball teams.

“All our hard work goes to rally the crowd, get interactive with the game, and push the team for a big break,” said squad member Edel Serafin.

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