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Arming teachers for student defense: Con

In the wake of the ongoing public shootings across the nation, security and preparation are a focal point in ensuring such acts of violence are no longer a fear of Americans.

However, requiring teachers to carry guns is far from being the solution despite a push of proposals by lawmakers across the country.

According to a review of the firearms and education laws in all 50 states by NBC News, 18 of the 50 states allow adults to have a loaded gun on school grounds with written permission from the principal, such as in California.

Therein lies the problem of a lack of laws in which teachers are allowed to carry firearms by solely providing a note from principals. As an alternative, teachers should be required to carry permits and go through extensive training if they choose the option to bear firearms on campus.

However, putting such responsibility on teachers to protect students from an armed gunman is far from fair. Teachers run the risk of liability.

Therefore, the notion that school employees are given the opportunity to defend themselves with firearms is baffling. Teachers are full time educators, not part time police officers.

According to a survey by the National Education Association, a labor union that represents an estimated 3 million educators, only 22 percent of teachers are in favor of a proposal that would allow teachers or other school employees to receive firearms training and allow them to carry guns in schools.

Thus, the idea of arming school personnel in order to reduce the risk of shootings or other violent events could not be further from the solution with both teachers and unions against carrying guns.

On the contrary, background checks as well as other measures could potentially help reduce the growing number of public shootings.

The National Education Association also found more than three-fourths of teachers are in favor of a ban on assault weapons, as so often suggested by gun control activists.

State laws need to be reinforced to make it more difficult for guns to be purchased, as well implement a stricter background check before allowing individuals with known criminal records to purchase guns.

In the aftermath of countless public shootings within our schools, politicians need to do anything necessary, including ratifying stronger laws to prevent gun violence, as well as ensure every child in our public schools has a safe and secure learning environment.


To read Tim Toton’s view on the issue, visit https://theroundupnews.com/2013/02/11/arming-teachers-for-student-defense-pro/

Mario Cruz
Staff Fall 2012

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