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Pepperdine University aids students interested in transferring

Pepperdine University visited Pierce College on Thursday March 24 for one on one meetings with students who want to enroll in the programs they have to offer.

Hannah Majuelo, recruitment manager for the Encino Graduate Campus for Pepperdine, has been meeting with students for the past two years, and answered any questions about the programs and helped students with applying.

“I help each student maneuver through the admission requirements and the application process,” Majuelo said.  “I take a look at all of their classes and create a plan summary for them” Majuelo said.

Majuelo said that she visits the Transfer Center at least once a month and students schedule to see her during that time.  If students want to reach her while she is not at Pierce, she can also be reached at the Encino Graduate Campus on Ventura Boulevard.

Majuelo comes from the Graziadio School of Business and Management program, which has two different modalities that are available for students. One is the full-time program offered in Malibu where it is the freshman to senior experience. Students take classes during the day and are housed on campus.

The second modality is the fully employed program. According to Majuelo, this programs is the Bachelors of Science and Management program which is for working professionals. She siad this is the ideal program for students who want to pursue their business degree during evening and weekend while work full time.

This program is offered in the Encino, West Los Angeles and Irvine through the graduate campuses. This undergraduate business degree tracks into Pepperdine’s one year MBA program.

Pierce College student Chardonai Brooks, wants to major in Dance said that it’s a good idea that universities visit college campuses because they might lead you to a path that you may have not even know was there.

“You get to learn about schools you never heard of or programs within the school you never heard of,” Brooks said. “Maybe there’s something that’s going to interest you.”

Pierce College has student success workshops that have representatives from different colleges who visit campus. The representatives are here to help students transfer to the college they choose to attend. Counselors and transfer mentors are here to help students with any questions on transferring.

Transfer Mentor Akadina Amrekhasadeh makes sure that students who have questions don’t go unanswered. According to Amrekhasadeh, students don’t know about the services that Transfer Center has to offer.

“A lot of students don’t know that we are here to help. They don’t know [they can] come ask questions,” Amrekhasadeh said.

Pepperdine isn’t the only college that visits Pierce College. California Lutheran University has visited the Transfer Center to help students send admissions to their college.

“By having the colleges here, I feel like it definitely benefits the students, because it gives them more options. That’s a good problem to have, choosing which university [to go to],” Amrekhasadeh said.

Colleges coming to Pierce College include UCLA, CSUN, Pepperdine, and Arizona State University. UCLA will have a Student Transfer Opportunity and Mentor Program (STOMP) in April. CSUN and UCLA will have a meet with the major advisor event on May 5 on the Mall. Pepperdine and Arizona State University will hold a workshop on April 19 in the Transfer Center.

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