Swim moves up to 11-1

Wearing a black and red one-piece and a black and red swimming caps to represent Pierce College is the 19-year-old Kailey Bennett, a pre-vet major, who placed first in the 1,000-yard competition or known as the mile.

Bennett placed second in 200-yard butterfly competition.

“For the 200-fly, I went out too fast so I felt it in the first two laps. If you go out too fast, you’re going to die easier. I felt that. I kicked back into the speed too late. I relaxed a little bit too much,” Bennett said.

Judi Terhar, the swimming team head coach of Pierce, was happy for the overall result of the meet and Bennett’s performance.

“They practice every day, and they swim 6,000 yards a day,” Terhar said.

“I’ve been swimming 6,000 yards a day but I’ve been doing a lot of flies this season so at least every day I’m doing six 200s of butterflies now,” Bennett added.

Another swimmer who represented Pierce was Gerryleo Sarmiento, known as Gigi, 18, and a psychology major. Sarmiento was the third place for the 1,000-yard. She placed sixth for the 200-yard butterfly competition.

“For the thousand, I could’ve kicked more. I know that. I was pretty tired by the end of it so I kind of feel out of energy but I was still giving my best until the end,” Sarmiento said.
Sarmiento’s time in the 1,000-yard competition is her best time for the season, she said.

“For the 200-yard butterfly, I could’ve sprinted it at 100 instead of sprinting at the last 25 because then I might probably have gotten a better time and place. Even though I was basically dead by that the whole time,” Sarmiento added.

Sarmiento and Bennett thank their families and friends who supported them in the swim match.
The swimming team has 11 wins and one lost, according to Terhar.

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