Tailgate rallies community at Shepard Stadium

ASO Club council president, Kosar Afsari, serves pizza for a student at the Pierce College Tailgate on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017 in Woodland Hills, Calif. Photo by Emmanuel Luissi

Instead of studying on a Saturday night, community members rallied before the football game versus San Diego Mesa College to muster school spirit and support fellow Brahmas.

On Saturday, Sept. 30, the Pierce College football team kicked off its third home game with a tailgate party that included games, free food and a raffle for the students in attendance. The event was a collaborative effort by UMOJA, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) and the Associated Student Organization (ASO).

“Tailgate has been a great opportunity for ASO student leaders to be able to work with other student leaders on campus to come together for a fun event with students, faculty and staff to support student-athletes at Pierce,” Student Engagement Coordinator and Counselor Lara Conrady Wong said. “We have had a great showing. It’s been really fun, and it’s an opportunity for students to also go to the football game afterward.”

Smith said the tailgate event was a fun and thrilling time for students, and she considered it to be a successful collaboration between Umoja, EOP&S, and ASO.

EOP&S is a state-funded program designed to support low-income and underserved students. Its office is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

“I feel that the tailgate event is a good way for us to share our programs with students and reach out to them more,” Student Services assistant Latice Gustavis said.

Gustavis said the tailgate event was a good way to show underprivileged students that there are organizations established to assist them.

ASO co-organized the tailgate with other organizations to enrich student life through campus and community events.

“I love to see a lot of the students from our programs show up and engage and participate in the games. Community members are connecting with students from across the different programs,” UMOJA Counselor Melody Smith said.

UMOJA handed out shirts to students and staff members who signed in at the information booth. The shirts said, “We Support School Spirit, Brahma Pride.”  

Miguel Montanez, an Admissions and Records assistant, attended the tailgate event and many of the Brahma’s football games this season to show his support.

“I think the tailgates are really important. They are a way of bringing the school together and helping out the student athletes to show them that we support them, with what they do out on the field athletically, and also academically,” Montanez said.

Pierce student Jordan Rice helped pass out information for UMOJA and mini footballs to support the players.

“This tailgate is a beautiful event where we get to share a good time, as well as our passion, with new people, other students and their families,” Rice said.