Work, more than a career

Many prospective students recognize Pierce as one of the top transfer colleges in LACCD. While a lot of programs focus on helping students reach long term transfer and career goals, there are not many resources that help students find work while attending classes.

The success of students goes beyond the four walls of a classroom and stretches out to the working world. Finding a job can be difficult on its own, but Pierce College can help speed along this process by becoming the bridge between local businesses and students.

According to a study done by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, over the past 25 years, more than 70 percent of college students work while also going to school.

There should be a place on campus that can connect Pierce students who want jobs with people in the Woodland Hills community looking to hire. Students should be able to go to one place to find all the information they need to get a job.

This can be done by having one place where local businesses can post about jobs available in the area. Additionally, students seeking part-time work would be more inclined to apply for jobs at businesses that are closer to campus because it would make getting to work from school much easier.

If there was a community board dedicated to legitimate job postings in the area, this could help students find jobs close to Pierce and develop professional relationships within the Woodland Hills community.

This also incentivizes people to attend Student Success Workshops pertaining to resume building and interviewing skills.

Finding a job either part-time, or full-time can be a stressful. Pierce can play a role in making this process easier for students who are interested.

If there was a job board posted in the Associated Students Organization building, students would have one place to find work from local businesses around campus.

Local businesses can post job listings on the board on campus so that students who are seeking work can become aware of opportunities that they otherwise would not have access to.

Additionally, these businesses could post on a community Facebook page to inform students who are interested about jobs that are available in the area. Another idea is to have a frequent job fair located on the mall. The fair would consist of different vendors and booths where students could gather additional information.  

Another way to make students informed about employment opportunities is to post them on the schools website. In doing so, students would make it easy for students to access these opportunities not only on campus, but online and at home as well.