A warm salute to America’s heroes

This May our nation celebrates Military Appreciation Month, a time when Americans can look back on the sacrifices that the men and women of this country, both active and retired, have made for us to enjoy our everyday rights and freedoms.

Although this is supposed to be a time of celebration for the nation’s heroes, most students on campus wouldn’t know it was Military Appreciation Month, because Pierce College doesn’t have a celebration for those serving.

This is interesting considering various students at Pierce either have been in the military, have a family member or friend that has served or are looking to join.

The question is how do we bring the celebration to campus?

Pierce could throw a mini festival on campus, maybe at Rocky Young Park. We could invite veterans and military recruiters could come set up booths and share the history of our armed forces.

There could be obstacle courses set up that students could navigate, possibly even for a prize. The US Army representatives could be invited to set up a “How Many Pull Ups Can You Do” bar and have an ongoing challenge to see who can hit the highest number as they do on high school campuses such as El Camino Real Charter High School.

Also a bake sale could be used to raise money for disabled veterans, and if resources permit have actual veterans be at the booth to show the students that their dollars are going to a good cause.

Most importantly, speakers who have served could share a stories so that students who may not be exposed to military sacrifices can better understand, and appreciate what the men and women of this country do so that they may live in peace.

Although Los Angeles celebrates veterans and armed forces year round with military discounts and events, it is important to show support and love from a community standpoint.

In retrospect, the celebration could be cost efficient considering that most military recruiters and veterans want to spread the word about the armed forces.

At a minimum, Pierce could share in the appropriate classes, such as history and political science, the history behind Military Appreciation Month and why it is important that we celebrate those who lay it all on the line.