‘Jackass Number Two’ more asses for the masses

Gil Riego Jr. / Roundup

Johnny Knoxville does it again with the R-rated newest installment of the Jackass empire, “Jackass Number Two.”

Here is a little history lesson for those unfamiliar with Knoxville and his crew:

“Jackass” was an MTV show that was the go anywhere, do anything series.

Knoxville and his friends put themselves in situations that could either be extremely dangerous, nauseatingly gross or straight-up just plain stupid.

The success of that show has spawned three spin-off series (“Viva La Bam,” “Wildboyz” and “Homewrecker”) as well as the original movie both praised and despised “Jackass: The Movie.”

This one hour and 35 minute display of human idiocy raises the bar from its televised and cinematic predecessors by including “Man-Fishing,” where series regular Steve-O is used as shark bait.

Rap superstars Three 6 Mafia make a special guest appearance daring Dave England to eat horse droppings. Stunts and pranks range from new ways to use a beer bong to wonderful and exciting ways to hold a puppet show.

Knoxville’s line of “It’s gonna hurt a lot, but it’s just loud,” pretty much sums up this movie.

The audience went crazy at the end of each skit, and applauded every act of stupidity, defecation, nudity and injury.

This movie will be an enjoyable one for both genders, so long as they are fans of the Jackass style of “comedy.”

Anybody buying a ticket to this movie already knows what they’re getting themselves into.

Jackass fan will not be disappointed.

Despite the amazing skits, the defecation and display of Wee-Man’s penis keeps this movie’s rating from being higher.

If anyone is looking for a good movie with a deep story and amazing plot, however, “Jackass Number Two” would not be the best movie choice. Perhaps they would be better off watching “Gridiron Gang” or “Hollywoodland.” Final rating: B-