Lower fees with winter session

Jose Albarran / Roundup

With approximately nine weeks remaining in the current semester, students can begin planning for the five-week winter intersession that will begin on Jan. 2, 2007 to Feb. 3, 2007 at Pierce College.

The schedule of classes will be available to students Nov. 13 at the information desk inside the Administration building and the campus bookstore.

Also, it is likely to be posted either
Nov. 1 or Nov. 2 on the Pierce Web site mentioned Charlotte Doctor, dean of Academic Affairs.

This gives students just enough time to plan ahead on the courses to take before having to register Nov. 13.

“And since tuition fees for California Community Colleges will be reduced from $26 to $20 per unit, many students should take advantage of this and enroll early since a lot of courses are filled fast,” said Doctor.

According to Carol Kozeracki, associate dean of research and planning, courses such as Speech 101, English 28 and Math 125 were some of the popular classes that were taken by students last year during winter session.

The enrollment was a total of 4,101 students for intersession students.

The number of classes as well as the selection of courses will be the same this year, with 104 daytime classes and 66 evening classes offered.

Daytime classes will be from Tuesday to Friday because of New Year’s day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day that are on Mondays.

Evening classes will take place from Monday to Thursday during the session.

“I do plan on taking one or two classes this winter session. I want to be able to catch up on my general education studies,” said Mona Ahmadi, 21,

Many college students decide to take classes during the winter session.

However some students are not able to attend winter session because of the minimal number of courses available.

“Winter session I usually decide on taking off, mainly because I have to take most of my classes during the evening because of my job. Since not many classes are offered at night during winter session, I just simply wait till spring semester,” said Stephanie Aguilar, 21,

Whatever the case may be students are encouraged to take a class or two.

Tuition will be less and parking on campus will be free.