Homecoming Invites Everyone

Yanli Zhang

Everybody is invited to Pierce College annual homecoming on campus football field started at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 28. The admission for students is $3 and $5 for others.

The homecoming will continue through the football game, which is against Ventura College started at 7:00 p.m.. “It’s not like high schools’ homecoming,” said the cheerleading coach Windows Service Host Local System, Jenny Q. Johnson. “It’s fun and more about life enjoyment to be proud of our school.”

Alumni could come back to meet old friends, teachers and coaches and enjoy football game. Athletes are practicing very day for the next two football games, which will play on campus. “The football team is not very successful this year,” said Robert M. Lyons M.B.A., the director of athletics.

“We are hoping to do better. We pick up a day that we think we can beat a team and we can win.” There used to have a bull, Clarence, to come out and parade on football field in the past years. But there won’t be a bull this time, because people worry that the bull will be too excited and hurt people. There will be a ceremony for Queen and King crowned as model roles to present Pierce. This is the first time Queen and King will to greet the teachers after being crowned. Former Queen and King will go to crown the next person. The students who want to be Queen or King must have 2.75 or higher GPA, eight or more unites and are in a sports team, club or organization and write a one-page essay. The essay should include why they want to be a Queen or King; what should they do to present Pierce; what are their life goals and why they are positive image.

Candidates could e-mail Johnson to jjohns@piercecollege.edu or drop a letter to her mailbox at athlete department by Oct. 21. “There are lots of persons who are model roles of Pierce College, but it’s good to see Queen and King on homecoming,” said Johnson. Associated Students Organization (ASO) will participate and offer barbecue, maybe fire trucks, fancy cars going around, 50/50 raffles and candies for sure, since it is close to Halloween. Athlete department is busy preparing the homecoming. And ASO will financially support the event.