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Celebrity hype killed ‘Bobby’

Mariana Enriquez

When I heard “Bobby” would be based on a legendary Kennedy brother, I was there, but on Thanksgiving Day no one else was!

Unfortunately, Director Emilio Estevez interpretation of Robert F. Kennedy’s life was slim to none.

The title “Bobby,” was not appropriate for the movie.

The complete movie was based on the actions of other people as “Bobby” ran for the presidency in 1968.

All that was given were pictures and voiceover speeches from R.F.K. throughout the movie.

It’s believed the Kennedy family was cursed because many Kennedys have died or been murdered.

People today still believe that a conspiracy took place in the murders of President John F. Kennedy and his bother R.F.K.

Both brothers won the presidential elections in California but, it was in Los Angeles where “Bobby’ lost his life.

The mystery of his death still goes unsolved or it’s just plainly not true.

All taking place in The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the movie was just an overwhelming cast of 22 new and old Hollywood celebrities whose characters and story line lacked depth.

You would think that if you’d put the most controversial couple (with a major age gap between them), Hollywood’s notorious party girl, an ex-drug addict, Frodo, and many other phenomenal actors together, that the recipe would be for excellence.

Unfortunately it was not.

The beginning of the story and the highlight of the movie was young newcomer Freddy Rodriquez (“Six Feet Under”) as bus boy Jose, who is over worked, discriminated against and obviously underpaid.

He started the story with a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for life and the Los Angeles Dodgers that captivated me.

Following behind him also taking the spotlight was lead William H. Macy (“Thank You for Smoking”) who plays Paul, the equal-opportunity General Manager.

The remaining roundup of well known celebrities included Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, Christian Salter, Lindsay Lohan, Elijah Wood, Demi Moore, Martin Sheen, Ashton Kutcher, Helen Hunt and many more.

The story lines of these characters ran from love affairs, broken marriages, new love, hope, discrimination, sacrifices and the lost of a legendry public figure.

I feel the movie’s only selling point was the name “Kennedy” and all the celebrities that were thrown into the mix.

But, for most of the characters and their storyline, they were not well developed and pointless in the movie.

In general, “Bobby” was the only relevant character and almost nothing had to do with his life.

Overall, with so much depth to the murders of both Kennedy brothers and their backdrop stories, the movie should have just focused on “Bobby.”

Robert F. Kennedy’s death deserved more than that.

Oliver Stone’s movie interpretation of JFK murder was the winner, but this movie lacked both the script and the directing talent in Emilio Estevez.

The movie highlighted issues from 1968, like politics, dysfunctional ballots, discrimination, deployment, voting, unpopular war, social reform and the personal issues of the characters.

Final Grade: C –


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