‘Apocalypto’ a well done blood bath

Rubin Arias

Mel Gibson gets to the point in “Apocalypto.”

He starts out with a fierce hunting scene to get the audience in the film. The savage nature of the warrior comes out in different ways.

“Apocalypto” has English subtitles and Gibson does a remarkable job with the Mayan Yucatec language.

Gibson made sure it was spoken as Aramaic was in “The Passion of the Christ.”

The subtitles did not seem to take you away from the movie.

It holds its’ R rating for a reason. For example the Kulkan warriors led by Zero Wolf attack a village. The scene is graphic because women are raped and captured. The men are killed and also taken prisoner.

Gibson puts together a great fighting scene as Jaguar Paw (played by Rudy Youngblood) tries to save his village.

Gibson can never get away from the blood as it was portrayed in “The Passion of the Christ.”

With a human sacrafice scne where the heart is ripped out and given to the gods for their approval.

The blood bath continues when the throat is slit with a symbolic dagger as a sing of honor.

Adding to the chill effect the head is eventually chopped off and you can’t help but watch it roll down the pyramid steps.

A nother great scene in “Apocalypto” was when Jaguar Paw was running through the forest to escape the warriors who attacked his village.

He was supposed to be sacrificed next in the ceremony.

The use of the forest worked out well as Jaguar Paw fends off his attackers.

The jaguar also is a good symbol because he mauls one of the warriors’ faces.

“Apocalypto” reflects how the Mayan Civilization was destroyed because of famine, crop failure and war.

Part of the movie was shot in Mexico and played by Mexican actors.

These were their first starring roles and they did a wonderful job.

Gibson does fall a little short because he keeps the audience guessing at the end of the movie.

“Apocalypto” is a well made film and for people who like Mayan culture.

Final Grade: B+


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