New smoking policy might rock our socks

Marion Kimble

Many smokers are brooding about the new smoking regulations being put into effect this semester. Some non-smokers are complaining the lack of sternness exercised by the new regulation makes it no more than an elaborate “please.”Look at the bright side of it all though; now, everyone knows where it’s okay to smoke and where it may bother someone.Smokers are also being given cool new tables to puff and munch at and no one is going to give financially-crippled students unreasonable tickets they can’t pay. I don’t see any problem with the new system.I have enough faith in Pierce College’s student base to believe everyone will take the hint, move into the areas and stop blowing smoke in the faces of others. If they don’t, I’m sure there will be a more rigid system in place in a semester or so.There are worse alternatives that could have been enacted.Some campuses force students to do their smoking in the parking lots off campus.There could have been a ban on smoking altogether.In most places throughout California, finding a place to smoke is almost as difficult as finding a half-decent parking spot.Hopefully everything goes smoothly, because if nobody listens and more serious limitations are put into action, students will be spending more time fighting for their rights than studying.


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