Seventh-inning wreckage stomps Brahmas

Ubonwan Pinijpinyo

The Pierce College baseball team struggled to overcome El Camino College’s early lead on Mar. 19, losing 12-4.”I know Pierce is a pretty good team,” said Nathan Fernley, El Camino’s head coach. “I know their pitchers throw very well, there are three or four here that are pretty good. So, I expect to have pretty good game.”Fernley said that the team should never be too confident. He said Pierce has good players and he hoped that his team would do well and play their best.Neither team scored in the first inning. El Camino College scored once in the second and third innings.It was two for nothing before El Camino played the fourth inning, when they scored seven runs. Pierce only managed to score two runs in their half of the inning.In the fifth inning Will Myrick, Pierce designated hitter, hit a home run.They scored less in the sixth, seventh and eighth innings. El Camino added one more run in the ninth.”I think our pitching staff needs to get us a chance to win, especially at the start,” said Eric Bloom, UTL. “Other than that, we just need to get timely hits. That’s it!”Fernley, said that the seven-run inning got them the big lead.Joe Arnold, Pierce head coach, said after the game that he expected J.C. Urso to throw better.”We’re going to let this game go and tomorrow is a new day,” said Calvin Culver, Pierce center fielder.”Every time I come out and coach this team, I’m confident that we’re going to win,” Arnold said. “So, I’m no more confident today than I was yesterday, because I’m confident we’re going to win every game.”


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