New CSU transfer reform becomes law

Two major transfer reform bills were signed today by Governor Schwarzeneger, Senate Bill 1440 by Senator Alex Padilla and Assembly Bill 2302 by Assemblymember Paul Fong.

“SB 1440 guarantees admission to a CSU campus for any community college student who completes the newly established associate degree for transfer,” according to Chancellor Jack Scott.

This associate degree will be in every community college and will be limited to 60 units.

“AB 2302 requires that the California Colleges work collaboratively with the CSU to inform students and the general public about this new opportunity and encourages the University of California to examine what it would take to join in this new transfer reform effort,” according to Chancellor Scott.

The Chancellor’s Office and Academic Senate are working as fast as they can in order to make the law effective state-wide, although they know it will take some time.

The new law will go into effect fall 2011.

More details about the process are to come.

An email address has been set up for any SB 1440 questions:


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