Award winning student photography

Virginia Isaad/Roundup

Students and faculty came out to support the Photo Salon where awards were handed out during the reception in the Art Gallery on Oct. 27 at Pierce College.

The Photo Salon, organized by the Media Arts epartment in conjunction with the Art department features photography by Pierce photojournalism students.

The photographs up for awards were chosen by Pierce photography professors from a pool of 43 entries with 37 images making the final cut.

“It’s a well-rounded gallery with all genres represented,” said freshman Nima Karamati.

Sean McDonald, instructional assistant of media arts, announced the winners at the beginning of the reception, placing certificates of recognition under the award-winning images.

David Crane, a Los Angeles Daily News photographer, Shane Kidder, Photo Editor at the Los Angeles Daily News and also a Pierce alumnus, and Jim McNay, a professional photojournalist selected the winning photographs.

“It’s exciting,” said Best Studio winner Erin Stone. “I’m proud to be chosen.”

Her piece, “Materialized, Charred,” depicts a man with a thick, black film covering the right side of his face while smoking a cigarette.

“It’s a part of a series of nine, I want to materialize aspects of people’s personalities,” said Stone.

Throughout the event, students visited the gallery taking time to look at each photo and sometimes finding a favorite.

“It’s different from everyone else’s,” said junior art major Aimee Malgapo pointing to Stone’s photo. “It’s morbid, creepy, dark-not just a pretty picture and I enjoy looking at it.”

Many other students were captivated by Stone’s award-winning photo along with her other shot, “Materialized, String,” which is a black and white portrait of a woman’s face and hands covered in black string.

“My friend, Jenny, travels a lot and I wanted to use string because it’s pliable, it weaves in and out of places,” said Stone.

On the other side of the spectrum was Jared Iorio’s “Street Scene, House,” which won Best in Show.

“I’m feeling good,” said Iorio. “I didn’t think I’d win.”

The photograph is set in a living room and depicts a warm ambience with two women in large Kentucky Derby-like hats engaged in a conversation.

Iorio was able to capture a vivid expression on the woman’s face, “The elements just lined up [for the photo],” he said.

The gallery was set up by assistant art professor and gallery director Monika Del Bosque’s Art 519, a Display Techniques class, according to a press release.

“It was great working with the Media Arts department; they had everything organized,” said student Elly Dorriz.

The students placed the photographs on the walls by carefully measuring the alignment, added Dorriz.

“I’m just a hammer guy,” said sophomore business major Albert Heredia. “I’m surprised how quickly we got it done, it looks good.”

Some photos showcased the macabre, the mundane and others focused on the environment.

Rick Ramirez, winner of Best Landscape for his photo, “A Happy Accident,” attributes his success to a fortunate yet unexpected turn of events.

The photo depicts the sun shining in the corner, surrounded by hills that separate the road from the clear blue skies.

“I was driving home and took the wrong turn and I thought it was an interesting shot, I loved the colors,” said Ramirez. “I didn’t expect to win but it’s pretty cool.”

The display attracted not only students and photographers but also faculty from both departments.

“It’s a good representation of the strength of our department,” said Jill Connelly, Chair of the Media Arts Department and photojournalism professor.

The Associated Students Organization (ASO) provided the prizes for the winners.

“We had a good work turnout with a wide variety of photos,” said McDonald.

Visitors enjoyed light refreshments outside the gallery, where many discussed their interpretations of the photos.

“All the photos are captivating because they captured daily life and we tend to ignore those moments,” said junior bio-chemistry major Ming Freeman. “It’s amazing.”

For more information on the gallery, call (818) 710-2262.


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