Women’s Soccer Team wins again

Total ball control was shown by the Brahmas in their third consecutive win of the season on Friday.

The Pierce College women’s soccer team defeated the Golden West College 3-0, rounding out their season with three victories and one draw.

“We’re gonna kill them.” said Pierce head coach Adolfo Perez at half time to inspire the team.

Freshman forward Arely Blanco, forward Edith Dominguez from Sylmar High School, and midfielder Jessica Gonzalez scored the goals that led the team to victory.

Briana Chopin player 12, who was seriously injured in the last game, was on the bench supporting her teammates during the game.

Head coach Perez asked the girls to go hard, but also talked about keeping them fresh for their next game on Monday.

Their next game will be on Sept. 12 at Ventura College.

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