Sept. 11, ten years later

Ten years later, the anniversary of Sept. 11 continued to elicit many of the emotions present in 2001, and proved to remain a day America will never forget.

Out of the apparent scars of the American people, came a hurricane of fear, anger, resentment and distrust.  To this day, there are valid conspiracy based arguments that 9/11 was implemented by the government, and however far-fetched, those suggestions are protected under the first amendment.

Regardless of any belief about how or why the attack occurred, it was nonetheless a significant day that marked a turning point in history, and would not only affect the United States but the rest of the world.

For the most part, 9/11 originally united the country, serving as the first attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, however as years went on, two wars developed, countless lives were lost, debt accumulated, and it appeared the country was more bipartisan than ever.

The consequences of 9/11 had nothing to do with an enemy, it was simply the detrimental decisions made by the administration that brought on the current status of the country.

Domestically, the wars skyrocketed the national debt, oil prices raised, weapon producing conglomerates profited while the middle class suffered causing the economic downturn that lead to a technical depression.

Overseas, innocent lives where lost in two unjustified wars and the entire social and economic structures of both Iraq and Afghanistan were destroyed.

People have now became aware of the misappropriation of strained resources and the foreign aid continually distributed to these countries who do not like ours simply for the sake of national interest. This is just one of many mishaps that largely contributed to the association of former President George Bush as one of the worst leaders thus far.

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