Vicci Martinez, from “The Voice” drops by Pierce College

After being a finalist on NBC’s “The Voice,” Vicci Martinez continues to follow her dream of creating inspiring music. Thursday, she dropped by Pierce’s KPC Radio to talk about “The Voice” and her aspirations.

At 13, Martinez began to make up short melodies on her violin and guitar and she hasn’t left music since.

At first, Martinez was not interested in participating in “The Voice” because she was not looking to be a part of such productions, but her managers insisted that she audition, and so she did.

Since her acceptance to the show, Martinez has worked around the clock, almost never sleeping.

“It’s been a go go go season, I really wanted to keep a journal, but I haven’t had time,” she said.

Although Martinez spent most of her time rehearsing, her most memorable moments from the show are not the days of hard work, nor the moments of anxiety before she discovered if she made it to the contest’s following week.

The moments she cherishes are the ones during which she laughed and made other people laugh. She remembers the stylist cutting her black underwear into a thong so they would be invisible under her white pants. She also remembers choreographing silly dance moves with record producer Cee Lo Green.

“I had to take things under pressure,” she said. “But also not have panic attacks and just enjoy the whole adventure.”

Winning was not her goal. Her goal was to learn and to prosper as an artist.

“I would have been sad if I couldn’t get the whole experience,” she said.

When she was notified that she will be one of the 4 finalists, she was excited.

“I was stoked,” she said. “I achieved what I wanted.”

Martinez will be releasing a new single in a couple of months, followed by a full album, she said.

She dreams of continuing to play music while inspiring people to do what makes them happy.

“Cee Lo always kept on telling me to do what I want,” Martinez said. “And that’s exactly what I do.”



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