Sheriff’s blotter

Traffic on campus died down after the first two days of school yet the accidents have continued to pile up, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Nohles,

A small accident, with no injuries occurred on Sept. 1 on Brahma Drive.

There was a violation of a restraining order on Sept. 7, a student spotted the restrained person, who is not a student, on campus.

Saturday Sept. 10 in Lot Five, a car accelerated and hit four other vehicles.  The reason is unknown and no one involved went to the hospital.

Petty theft occurred on Monday, Sept. 12 at the campus bookstore, the thief remains uncaught.

Wednesday Sept. 14 a student saw Nohles patrolling and informed him of a hit and run.  The witness gave a detailed description of the offender, which is what later lead Nohles to spoting and arresting him.

Nohles said he still believes that these first weeks have been, “Really quiet.”

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