Trend-spotting Summer Styles

While out trend-spotting this semester, it’s easy to notice that student styles range from classic to bold and edgy. As diverse as the styles are at Pierce College the overall consensus is students are choosing outfits that reflect their personality and will keep them comfortable and focused in the classroom.

Summer Shorts

Ladies all over campus have been spotted trying to beat the heat by wearing breezy summer shorts.  Vivian Tu and Eren Timario’s favorite places to put together what they call a “classy chic” look are Zara, H&M, Anthropologie and Banana Republic.

“My style doesn’t really change throughout the seasons,” said Tu. “I wear less during the heat and more layering during colder seasons.” 

Playlists and Papers

Some students prefer not to limit their style to what they wear, but they help define their style with what they listen to.  From rock to hip-hop, you never know what might be coming out of some student’s sound systems.

“Certain music I listen to actually motivates me to go to class,” said student Lanear Kennedy who enjoys listening to ’30 Seconds to Mars’ while wearing his JVC oversized headphones on campus.

Fresh Ink

Ever heard of the saying “Fashion is seasonal, style is forever”? Well they forgot to include tattoos. Many students express their individuality with tattoos that tell a story of who they are and their passions.

Take student Carla Meliton for example, whose racer-back tank top helps to beautifully display a margarita flower, which represents her mom and her own middle name.

And while some students show their love for music by wearing headphones, Alex Gaxiola shows his love with a treble clef and other art emblazoned on his forearms.

“Artisically, it [tattoo’s] doesn’t always have to be about gang affiliated people,” said Gaxiola while taking a break from class.

Colorful Kicks

With such a large campus, students need comfortable shoes to navigate to their classes. But practical doesn’t need to mean boring and guys like Chris Darrett, Tae Foster, Devon Lacroix and Newton Hallowanger choose boldly colored sneakers that they call “Fresh to def,” and “clean” to take them wherever they need to go.

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