Clothesline Project to mark Domestic Violence Awareness month

The Pierce College Campus Violence Response Team (CVRT) will be hosting the Clothesline Projects Domestic Violence Awareness event for Domestic Violence Awareness month in October.

People will be reading and writing on T-shirts telling their stories about domestic abuse.

Those who have suffered from domestic and sexual abuse can share their stories and get help as well as people that have family members or friends that have suffered. If you’ve suffered with physical abuse such as Battery with substantial bodily harm Nevada, it may be a good idea for you to contact a lawyer for legal advice if you would like to take things further.

Some teachers will be given credit for attending this event.

The reasons for the T-shirts is for people to “empower themselves to write their story on the t-shirts,” according to Holly Hagan, the textbook buyer and co-team leader.

The T-shirts will be hanging from poll to poll on clotheslines from both ends of the Mall.

There are already 200 T-shirts ready to be hanging. There will also be a discussion about domestic and sexual abuse and more.

“The Clothesline Project is a therapeutic experience for those who attend,” said Beth Benne, honorary member of CVRT director of the health center. “Since they not only have a chance to tell their story, but can also get help.”

Nursing major Yesenia Hernandez, 19, said that this project would be of great help since she has a friend that has suffered from domestic abuse.

She feels that if she goes that she will be able to get some sort of help for her friend and be able to tell him about it and maybe convince him to go to the event himself.

Not all those that suffer from domestic or any kind of abuse are female. Not many people realize that it doesn’t matter the gender for you to be a victim or survivor of domestic abuse.

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