Janitors are becoming scarce

The janitorial staff is not cleaning Pierce College as well as they should, according to members of the Pierce College Council (PCC).

Several PCC members feel that the campus is not as clean as it should be. Some students at Pierce also agree that the cleanliness of the campus is not up to par.

The campus is under staffed with only 25 janitors on staff.  For a campus with 420 acres of land there should be a staff of 80 to 100 janitors, according to Director of Facilities Paul Nieman at Thursday’s PCC meeting.

“This campus is really dirty and whenever I walk through the North Gym it smells like dirty socks,” said Clariza Centenera, Pierce College student.
Some PCC members said that they feel that the janitorial staff can’t clean up the campus alone.
The students should help clean up after themselves while being on campus, according to Assistant Professor James McKeever.
McKeever spoke directly about students leaving the restrooms with toilet paper on the floor and leaving bottles behind in class during the PCC meeting.


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